About Georgette

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Georgette’s love of fashion ignited early and has since evolved into a dynamic career.

Her journey took her to Massey University in Wellington, where she honed her craft, graduating with honors in fashion design. The magnetic pull of the fashion industry led her to the energetic Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City in 2018. Here, she immersed herself in every styling opportunity, rubbing elbows with fashion giants like VOGUE, Elle USA, Armani, Rita Ora, J.Crew, and Gucci.

An unforeseen twist, the pandemic, drew her back to her roots in Auckland. Rising to the challenge, she transformed this setback into an opportunity, establishing ‘Studio Cassini’, a creative haven for photoshoots and events. Simultaneously, she continued to offer her eclectic styling expertise to a wide array of clients, demonstrating her remarkable adaptability and artistic prowess.

Beyond her styling work, Georgette doubles as an image consultant, performing color analysis for personal styling clients. Her portfolio also includes additional openings for personal styling engagements.

When she steps away from her work, Georgette indulges in her love for photography, occasionally stepping behind the lens for editorial assignments.

With a portfolio brimming with industry heavyweights and a keen eye for detail, Georgette infuses each project with a unique blend of experience, passion, and creativity.