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Georgette, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, is a dynamic personal stylist with a rich background in fashion, shaped by her early exposure to the industry through her mother’s involvement with Centrepoint Fabrics. A proud alumna of Massey University in Wellington, where she graduated with honors in fashion design, Georgette honed her styling skills in the vibrant fashion scene of New York City’s Lower East Side. During her time in the Big Apple, she worked with iconic brands and publications such as VOGUE, Elle USA, Armani, and Gucci, gaining invaluable experience.

Her unexpected return to Auckland due to the pandemic led to the creation of “Studio Cassini,” a versatile space for photoshoots and events. In addition to managing her studio, Georgette offers bespoke personal styling services. Her work is characterized by her ability to blend contemporary trends with individual client preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized style experience.

Whether working with high-profile clients or individuals seeking a fashion makeover, Georgette’s approach is deeply rooted in her passion for fashion and her commitment to bringing out the best in her clients. Her extensive experience, both internationally and locally, allows her to offer a range of services tailored to individual styling needs, from wardrobe overhauls to special event styling. Georgette is dedicated to making fashion accessible and enjoyable, helping her clients express their unique identities through style.

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