Assisted Stylist Brent Lawler at the most recent VMA’s styling Singer Rita Ora

Photo Credit Erik Melvin

Style Jason Rembert

Hair Brent Lawler

Makeup Kathy Jung

Client Rita Ora

Working with Rita Ora was a pinch-me moment for a girl from New Zealand. I showed up as an assistant for the incredibly talented celebrity hairstylist Brent Lawler. I’m no hairstylist, but I did everything I possibly could to be the best hair assistant he’d ever had. A minor wardrobe malfunction led to me stepping in and using my fashion stylist skills to help fix the problem. Rita was dressed in the latest runway look from Marc Jacobs a Green leopard print sequin dress with matching stockings and shoes, It was a moment for sure! Two more looks followed that night, full makeup, hair, and wardrobe changes were made. The feeling of adrenaline was just pumping all day and night. Rita being my first celebrity client was such a dream to work for. Her personality was similar to the kiwi wit I am used to at home and can you believe she’s just human? who would have known… We are similar in age and clicked. I was asked to be part of the New York team working under Brent but also to help with general styling and dressing. Let’s see where this journey takes me.

Styling Tip- If you are wearing a full seethrough outfit that shows your lingerie, you might find the undergarments bunch up or pull on the outfit. Try spraying hairspray on the skin and sticking the underwear on top. It will hold the underwear in place! (You can thank me later!)

xx Georgette