George Street Towels

Stylist and Production – Georgette Pollock

Photographer -Jonny Scott

Model -Ellay Wong Unique Model Management

Hair and Makeup- Amber Caroll

Back with George Street Linen! I love this brand so much, they have the most incredibly soft and silky sheets and now they’ve come out with a towel collection that feels like wrapping your body in the softest cotton you’ve ever felt.

George Street Linen is never scared to push the boundaries when it comes to being sexy. I love doing their shoots because they always trust me to come up with something fun and playful. We shot the first half of the day in the bathroom showing off the gorgeous towel colours. The weather was terrible and pouring with rain outside. I had the vision to shoot outside around a pool because these towels are so versatile they can be used for the bathroom or around the pool. While shooting the weather suddenly cleared for exactly 20 minutes and we managed to snap the most incredible summer shots around the pool. The weather gods were on our side!!!

Stylist Tip!- When shooting in the bathroom or around the pool sometimes we need to make the models look like they’ve just come out of the shower or pool. Instead of actually putting them in the shower and risking the hair and makeup, fill a spray mist bottle with warm water and spray it onto the model. This gives the model’s skin a moist and shiny wet look without them actually being saturated with water.


Stylist and Creative Direcctor