New Zealand Weddings

Stylist- Georgette Pollock

Client- New Zealand Weddings

Photography- Damien Van Der Vlist

Models- Erin, Atlanta, and Michael

Production Margot Johnson

Bridal Fashion is always a fun shoot to style. There are so many different kinds of bridal dresses out there to choose from. This shoot was for New Zealand Weddings and we shot a the Cordis hotel which meant we had lots of amazing backdrops to choose from. We went for a high fashion vibe and my favorite shot of the day would have to be set in the lobby where we captured our “bride” Erin pushing her “Groom” Michael through the lobby of Cordis on a bell trolly. I dressed Erin in Vinka Bridal and some Versace shoes from my private collection.

Stylist Tip!- When shooting editorial you are loaned dresses from designers and more often than not the dresses don’t fit the models. Don’t panic, I use bulldog clips wrapped in tissue paper to pull in the dresses, the tissue paper protects the gowns from being snagged or pulled so you can return them unmarked or damaged.