Assisted Stylist Brent Lawler and Rita Ora’s team for a press day

Style Jason Rembert

Hair Brent Lawler

Makeup Patric Ta

Photo Credit- Instagram, Getty Images

Client Rita Ora

Work, Work, Work! Yes, it looks like a glamorous life but oh boy this girl knows how to work. Today was set aside specifically for Rita to promote her new album. We spent the morning glamming and then off to multiple radio stations where Rita did interviews and sang covers of her songs. After each Radio station, we quickly changed her into a new outfit and she was off to the next destination.

Stylist Tip!- Working with a team is so much fun but sometimes very high stress especially when there are multiple outfits, hair, and makeup changes. If your job is done don’t just step away, offer to help out a colleague even if it’s just holding hairspray and a jar of bobbypins! ( You’ll appreciate it later down the track when you need help zipping a dress)

xx Georgette

Stylist/hair/Production -Assistant