Assisted Stylist Brent Lawler and Rita Ora’s team for The Late Show Staring Jimmy Fallon

Style Jason Rembert

Hair Brent Lawler

Makeup Patric Ta

Photo Credit- Instagram, Getty Images

It’s a talk show we all know and love, Hello Jimmy Fallon!

An afternoon start is always a nice surprise, we met to do glam at Rita’s hotel and chose a fabulous pink suit for her arrival at Jimmy Falon and then a quick change into one of Rita’s favorite designers “Versace” to sit down with Mr Fallon himself. Rita decided she wanted some more gold jewelry for the show which we didn’t have time to run out and source so I gave her my very special gold bangles that my grandmother had gifted me which have my name on them. It’s always a good idea to accessorise yourself for jobs just in case your pieces come in handy! We face timed my mum from the show where Rita showed her she was wearing my special family heirlooms, let’s just say my mum’s face was priceless! She then changed after the show into a tanned suit and white heels as she left Fallon. We always changed Rita into different outfits for the walk from the car to the next event or job just so the paps could get a fabulous new shot. I love how fashion lets us express ourselves.

Stylist Tip!- Always wear or carry extra accessories on you when you’re on a client job. You never know when you’ll need to add something extra!

Stylist/hair/Production -Assistant